Pink, Blue and Purple Jobs

I read in a sailing book once that this couple categorized the necessary boat duties by pink jobs (hers), blue jobs (her husband's) and purple jobs (either or together).  I liked that idea and started to think about how Frank

 and I "assign" work on the boat.

To us, some are obvious:  anything to do with engines, electricity, physically hard tasks are Frank's.  Most of the cooking, inside cleaning, laundry are mine.

I was about to write that we don't have pink jobs because Frank does some of the cooking and baking (his bread and risotto are delicious), he helps with wringing/hanging some of the laundry, I help him with his tasks. To us, the colour categories define who is responsible for the job, not exclusivity in performing it.
There are jobs that are definitely in the purple category.  For instance, deck cleaning or anchor duty or dishes.  Whoever decides to do them starts and the other helps.

It was an interesting conversation when I brought the subject up while reading that book.  However, I don't think it was necessary for us to categorize what needs to be done.  We work well together (most of the time, LOL!) and want to help each other.

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