Motor Oil Leak?

Motor Oil Leak?

I cannot tell you the emotions that go through you when you see an oil leak that you cannot stop when you are on a planned long trip like we are on. 

This happened last Tuesday afternoon as I was warming up the motor to do a needed oil change. The hope that the leak is an easy fix is top of mind. Thankfully the motor repair manual I have on board showed that the leak comes from the gasket that houses the timing gears, many bolts and the housing is removed.  Tightening the bolts would not stop the leak, the gasket needs changing.  I could do the job if I had time as taking it apart does require some shaft seals to separated when pulling the housing off. Figured a mechanic is best to get the job done quicker as they have done this before and know what parts to get as a set and change so the job gets done once.

The marina here in Quebec City fortunately has a mechanic they refer to docked boaters and I can tell you from his visit the next day to inspect the required job, I could tell he is as anal as I am in doing the job right the first time. He loves his work and is very supportive in making sure his reputation is not at risk after having done a job. He arrived after our phone call earlier that day with a list of parts that he already looked up that he recommended to change as part of the job. I had already mentioned to him by the time he showed me the list I wanted all the seals replaced that are separated as part of the job. He check things out and confirmed my findings of the jobe requirements as well as time to do the job. I immediately had confidence in him as he already had prepared his list of parts for the work.

It gave me immediate peace of mind that we were in good hands to get the motor fixed and on our way with the least amount of delay. So he ordered the parts and we were in luck that all the parts (Gaskets and Seals) were in stock and on their way. We would have been delayed had some of the items been on back-order. We currently await the parts arrival early in the week.

During this time that we await for the motor repair we vacation from our travels by visiting family and bicycle around Quebec City. There are worst places to be stuck and having family nearby and boaters you have never meet before willing to loan you their vehicles to get errands completed is just amazing. I cannot tell you have often we get offers of help from strangers. I have heard this happens but never thought it would be at this level of frequency. Boaters help boaters in so many ways. So as we wait, I am thankful to all the boaters that have offered help during this vacation period. Cheers.


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