Buddy Sailing

I heard the term "buddy sailing" last year.  Some of our friends had been sailing for a few weeks with other boating friends (2-4 boats together).  Even though Frank and I are introvert - we love

our time together and alone - we do enjoy sharing our boat with friends or friends with their own vessel.  In these occasions, Frank usually find a buddy to fish with, spending a few hours almost every day talking about common interests.  For me, I like hosting Happy Hour and kayaking with them.  It gives us the occasion to learn our common experiences.  It's funny how you can get close to friends for a few days or weeks then lose them for 9 months.  When you meet them again the following summer, it's easy to catch up and feel close again.  

Another good thing about buddy sailing is the proximity of help when you need it, of sharing meals when you want;  yet everyone respect the others' privacy.  There are no bad feelings when one couple decides to spend the day alone or prefer to do an activity as a couple.  I like this balance of proximity and detachment.

I wouldn't buddy sail all summer; but for a period of time it's healthy.  Besides, we do want to move on so we can connect with other friends and meet new ones along way.

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