No Schedule

(July 6) 
One of our sailing rules is "we don't sail on a strict schedule".  We've learn through books and our own experience that when one (we) sail on a specific day because we need to be somewhere, there is a risk of sailing in bad weather and rough seas.  It's not

fun;  things might break or get lost;  it's dangerous.  When we worked and only had a specific number of vacation days, we learned our lesson and didn't sail far from base.  Now that we're retired, our plans are a lot more flexible.  A brief example, last week we planned on staying one night at Gore Bay marina for pump-out and resupply.  The day we arrived at that marina, weather forecast was storm overnight and rain the following day.  We didn't get that storm overnight, it came on the following day -- the day we were supposed to leave the marina. 

Looking at a lightning app and a wind app, we decided that it wasn't worth the risk and uncomfortable sailing, so we are staying one more night.  This morning, we're leaving under a cloudless sky and perfect 15-knot winds from the West.  It'll a beautiful 3-hour sail to John Island. 


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