Season Start

Here we go again!  After a decade of planning and discussion, we finally can sail our sloop to the Caribbean Sea.  How exciting ... and overwhelming and exciting and frustrating and exciting.  This roller-coaster of feelings that we've experienced is now in the past, for now. 

We left Wiarton at 17:15 on June 2 after saying goodbyes to friends and our 13-year-old cocker spaniel, Cocotte.  Cocotte, our sailing mate for 12 years is now too old to take on this adventure.  (It is very hard to leave her behind in order to pursue our life dream.)  Our dear friend, Debbie, who loves her and is so caring, is keeping her for us.  We are so grateful.

We spent a night in Lion's Head yesterday to visit our friends - Jill and Drew - and the Farmers' Market (9:00-12:00 Saturdays).  I love this farmers' market:  it's small yet has everything you need:  home baked goods, homemade clothes (knitted or dyed), soaps, beewax candles, beers and coolers.  All this by the water, next to the beach.

Itˋs been quite windy for the past few days (around 20 knot winds).  So our sail from Lionˋs Head to Cabot Head with westerlies was enjoyable with only the main sail.  For those of you who are not familiar with sails, the main sail is the one attached to the mast.  The head sail is the one attached to the front of the boat, the bow.  Frank is having some difficulties with his arrangements of power distribution between the wind generator and the batteries.  The favorable scenario is that when the wind generator provides too much power, the power is rerouted to a dump load (thrown away).  But, right now it does not reroute, so during our trip to Cabot Head, the batteries were supplied up to 17 volts - too high.  We donˋt want more than 15 volts.  So, heˋs got a puzzle on his hands (and brain).  Heˋll figure it out and tell you all about it in his blogs.

Today, based on the wind and weather forecast, and a brief visit to Tobermory, we'll head for Cove Island.  Then, a 30-hour jump to Sarnia, crossing Lake Huron from North to South.  The plan will be to leave on Monday morning to arrive in Sarnia on Tuesday at around noon.  I'll let you know how it went in a few days.  TTUL (talk to you later) 

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