Cooking on Komeekha

Cooking on Komeekha

November 1          

There's a huge difference in cooking method and menu between anchorage/marina and en route.  At anchorage, the boat is not moving; 

A Comedy of Errors

June 17

I don't want to set a precedent of writing blogs every 2-3 days.   But I couldn't pass up telling you about the experience we had yesterday.  A true comedy of errors from which we acquired a few lessons learned for the rest of our trip.  Oooh!  I do love sailing!

Trail-Mix Cookies (Ricardo's)

During multi-day sail, I've started to make these delicious and healthy cookies.  I found the recipe in Ricardo's website - my favorite chef, from Montreal.  They're much cheaper than store-bought granola bars; they provide energy when needed often during a rotation shift before sunrise. 

Fish Spread (or Dip)

Fish Spread (or Dip)

Last year, Frank's fishing, a food talk with a friend and the purchase of a fish dip at Gore Bay inspired me to make my own fish spread.  When Frank started to catch walleye, pike and bass, I started to have too 

Blueberries !

On Fox Island (West side), there are many blueberry bushes.  They might also be all over the island but we haven't confirmed it as yet.  At this time, we can find a few ripe berries but mostly they are still white and some green.  Most are sheltered among the big rocks